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everyone needs to be able to speak well.

everyone needs to be able to speak well.subpagebullet

Whether you are just starting your first company, work for someone else, have been giving sales presentations for too many years to count, want to speak professionally, or just have a desire to communicate more effectively in everyday life, learning to speak well is an important step you need to take. There is an art to speaking, and like any form of art, it takes training, practice, and dedication. It’s not hard to learn the ropes if you have the right person guiding you.

one … learn the basics

one … learn the basicssubpagebullet

There is a right way to speak, a right way to give a presentation, and a whole lot of wrong ways. We’ve all sat through presentations that made us wish we knew how to sleep with our eyes open, or wish desperately that we could beam ourselves up to a more exciting place and time. There are speakers that can make us cringe, others that make us wish we were getting a root canal, and those notable few that make us question our own sanity.

Refuse to be that speaker! You have so much more inside of you. You can be the speaker that makes your audience laugh, cry, clap, and buy. You can inspire, educate, and persuade your audience. More importantly, you’ll leave them wanting to see and hear more from you. You CAN do it – you just need to learn the basics, the fundamentals, the very art of speaking. And don’t worry, it’s going to be a lot easier than you think.

two … find your story

two … find your storysubpagebullet

We ALL have a story – many stories – and there is no better way to connect with your audience than to tell a good story. One that they can relate to, or sympathize with, or be inspired by. It’s important to know how to find your stories, how to use your stories, when to use them, and when to tell your stories. What you share with your audience draws them in and makes them part of your speech. Paint a picture that your audience can relate to, that they can visualize and you’ll be on the fast path to success!

This isn’t just for motivational speakers – this is for ALL speakers and presenters including sales, researchers, professional association members, conference break-out session presenters, CEOs, investors, leaders, politicians, athletes, fundraisers, trainers, committee members, marketers, and teachers.

three … learn to present well

three … learn to present wellsubpagebullet

There are four parts to every presentation and each part is equally important – physical presence, content, delivery and interaction. You can’t have one without the others, although they may take different forms. For instance, without a clear message your audience will be lost and confused. There needs to be a smooth flow from start to finish, and organization is key. Your physical presence is a critical piece. Your presentation can be on a stage, in a boardroom, in a sales meeting, on a webinar, on a conference call, or in a video. You need to be able to take control, and keep control. You need to entertain, educate, motivate, persuade, and get your audience to take action, all at the same time. It’s a balancing act, but with the proper training and guidance, it will all fall into place. Presenting well is a special skill set, one that I am excited to help you learn.

finally … pull it all together.

finally … pull it all together.subpagebullet

From idea to delivery, each step is equally important, but none as important as practice. Once your speech is together, organized, and timed out, you will have to practice, practice, and practice some more. There are right ways to practice, things to put in place to add confidence, professionalism, and the “wow” factor, ensuring that your audience wants to see and hear more from you in the future.

You have a limited amount of time to grab and keep your audience. Knowing what to do and how to do it takes preparation, organization, hard work, and practice. Once you have all of that in place, you only have three things to concentrate on – having fun, feeding off the energy of your audience, and celebrating your success!

who needs to work with me?

who needs to work with me?subpagebullet


You are amazing in your sport. You’re at the top of your game. You’ve spent years and years practicing and practicing, even when you feel like sitting on the couch eating chips or sleeping in on a Saturday. You listen to your coaches, know how to win games, and have pushed your talent to the highest level. What’s next? You have a lot of opportunities to speak, whether you want to or not, during your career and after you retire. You may be interviewed by the media, asked to speak to a group of kids, or at a high school. You may be asked to give an award, introduce a teammate, or receive an award. You may even start your own nonprofit, or go into announcing. Knowing how to speak well, whether during a planned and practiced speech or without notice, is important and could be the difference between being OK and being outstanding. You’ve worked so hard to get where you’re at – you should look, sound, and act like the superstar you are!

CEOs & Entrepreneurs

No matter what business you are in, you will need to be able to talk to clients, and possibly investors. You need to sell others on your ideas and be able to have them feel the passion you have for your service or product. You need to educate them, inspire them, and motivate them to work with you. Being an expert isn’t enough – you need to be able to share that expertise or risk failing before you even get started. Better yet, speaking well will build your tribe of raving fans. Clients are good, but having cheerleaders is the ultimate sign of success!

Direct Sales/MLMs

You are in love with the products you sell and know that everyone needs one of everything, but you have never liked to talk in front of a crowd. Now, more than ever, you need to be able to get past that, to be able to present your products in front of small and large groups, to increase each sale, and to recruit team members. Knowing the secrets of how to do this well and perfecting your presentation will lead to three things – more sales, more money and more success! The speaking skills you learn in your direct sales group or MLM will make the difference between making a little pocket money and earning six and seven figures per year. Knowledge of your product, passion for what you do, and excellent speaking skills are the key to the vault!

Executives (not just C-level)

You have been asked to present to the Board of Directors, at an industry conference, in front of your peers, or in the community. Are you ready or shaking in your shoes? Do you have stage presence, confidence in your area of expertise, and a way to present effectively? You need to. It can make a huge difference in your career. Your voice deserves to be heard.


You know that you are knowledgeable and honest, and that you really care about your community and the issues. Speaking skills are a must for you, but not something that is taught before you are thrown into the ring. All politicians need to be able speak well, and often. Preparation, organization, and delivery all add up to success, and knowing the best ways to present means that you CAN make a difference! Your speaking journey begins with the time leading up to the election but it certainly doesn’t end there!


Imagine this … you’re giving an important sales presentation. It’s down to your company and one other. What sets you apart? What would make the client choose you over your competitor? The answer is not what you think! It’s not the price of your product or service. It’s not the number of years you’ve been in business. It’s not even that you are the most qualified. Instead, it comes down to one thing – can the client work with you? People choose to work with vendors that they know, like, and trust. Your presentation can make the difference between closing a huge sale and hitting the phones again tomorrow morning!


You have written the perfect book. Whether nonfiction or fiction, educating or entertaining, you will be called upon to speak about your book, the process you use to write a book, and everything in between. People love authors and are fascinated by everything associated with writing. In my opinion, authors are put on a pedestal for a few reasons – the book or books you’ve written, and the fact that you actually put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), and it’s something that many people secretly dream of doing! No matter the reason, you could be asked to speak to a huge crowd or an intimate group, and having speaking skills that complement your writing skills is important. Book sales are often a direct correlation to the public perception of the author, and a unfair as it seems, you need to be able to speak as well as you write!


You know that relationships are important and know how to improve the lives of your clients. Whether you focus on business, relationships, finances, past issues, blocks, life, or anything in between, communication is the biggest, most important factor in helping your clients find success. Once you have clients, they experience so much success that they never, ever leave you and remain your customers for life. That’s great, but how do you get those life-long clients? How do you spread your message on a bigger level? Are you ready to be so busy with new clients that you have a waiting list? It is possible, and being able to speak to groups of potential clients can make all the difference between having an empty calendar and having a waiting list. One-on-one or to a group, you need to be able to focus on your expertise and share it with the masses.

Educators (online, in video, in classrooms)

You have so much knowledge to share, and you can’t wait for your students to share your excitement on the topic at hand. Every teacher wants their students to be interested and interactive but let’s face it – not all content is earth-shattering or exciting. Presentation skills can make the difference between a full roster and a canceled (or unsuccessful) course.

Motivational Speakers

You have a message to share, an experience or a lesson that you want to shout from the mountaintop so that others can improve their lives, their careers, their families, their relationships, their health and fitness, or their finances. You have the secret sauce to share that will change the lives of your audience. Putting your speech together, knowing how to read the crowd, and learning how to motivate them to take action is a gift, but one that can be learned and perfected.

Researchers/Health Professionals

You are excited about your research and findings, but your audience is checking their phones, playing Words with Friends on their computers, and a few are even snoring out loud! There are few times that are more embarrassing and disheartening than when you start with a full room and end with echoes from the now-empty chairs. It doesn’t have to be that way! With skills and practice, you can present your findings in a way that captivates your audience and has them sitting on the edge of their chairs. If that’s going a bit too far, at least you can keep their attention and interest far longer than other presenters.

many ways to work with me – which is best for you?

many ways to work with me – which is best for you?subpagebullet

Crush Your Fear of Speaking: 4 weeks to speaking with confidence and without fear, beginning Nov. 1, 2019.  This online course is interactive and will change your outlook on speaking in front of a group – from 1 person to 1000 people.

12 Weeks to Fabulous: This 12-week online academy, beginning in late Fall 2019, is perfect for speakers just starting out, for anyone who has not had to speak or present professionally in the past (i.e. starting a new business or just got a promotion or new job), or for anyone that wants to go back to basics. This course includes a one-hour phone session with me before the program starts, and one during the course. It includes a private Facebook group with a Facebook Live lesson and Q&A session each week, a weekly Zoom call to review the current module, and six modules that you can do at your own pace or follow with the group. There is a lot of bonus material, worksheets for each lesson (four lessons per module), and a few surprise guest speakers.

Presentation Perfection: Do you have a speech or presentation already mapped out? Do you need help with your slides to make them pop, help with organizing your presentation, or advice on how to “wow” your audience with this speech or presentation? We will work together to make your presentation do exactly what you want and need to it to do – guaranteed! This one-on-one VIP coaching will include several phone sessions (which will be recorded for you to review forever), a lot of hard work, and a lot of fun. Not for the beginner speaker unless very motivated to kick butt and take names!

The Speaker Collaborative: Being a speaker can feel like you’re living on a deserted island, with no one who understands what you’re doing, how you’re doing it or why. Speakers are a different type of person, and the only ones who really get us are those are us, right?  The Speaker Collaborative is a paid membership group for speakers, but it’s much more than that.  It’s a true community with speakers giving other speakers feedback and support.  We share speaking opportunities, have a full resource center where you can find everything you need to be a professional speaker (or to update things you already have), and educational sessions.  We have master classes with speaking industry experts, interviews with advanced speakers and group coaching every week.  It’s not work when it’s fun!  Come check out the group and join us to take your speaking career to the next level, to get more bookings or to just connect and get to know other speakers!